Becka Watkins (acrylic, pencil, mixed media)

I have been creating art my whole life but for most of my life I never shared it. I considered my art to be images of my inner world as private as my journals. Through creativity I have come to know a deeper part of myself. My art has been healing and revealing and is the one act I can do where I loose all track of time yet feel deeply connected to the world. I can be alone for hours and feel complete peace when I am creating. I am also a writer but have only just started to share my stories. Sharing my art and writings has led to new opportunities in my life. Currently I am in the process of putting a story and art into a virtual reality experience, to be completed in 2019. I spent so many years hiding my inner world never understanding that through sharing I would make connections to so many people. I have come to learn that art not only reveals the artist’s vision but also reveals what others see in themselves through that art.
-Becka Watkins