Angela Neiwert (porcelain)

I was born and raised on a farm in Southern Idaho. Working with the earth through tilling the soil, planting and harvesting crops were a part of my life for my first twenty some years. My art education began at Boise State University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a double emphasis in ceramics and painting. Later in life my husband and I farmed in Southern Idaho for three years and I traveled selling my art in the North West for seven years. In 2001, I received my Masters of Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in ceramics at Boise State University. I have been an art teacher at Isaiah’s Ranch Mountain Kids Camp in our community and have taught clay at Art Camp in the Sawtooth Mountains at Camp Perkins and taught ceramics at BSU. After 17 years of living in a log home in the Idaho mountains in 2014 we moved to Portland to explore new opportunities and be a part of the art scene for three years. In the fall of 2017 we were able to relocate back to Boise, Idaho.

Clay is my primary medium and I have been obsessed with this wonderful material of the Earth since 1991. I love the process of transforming the clay into hand-coiled and slab-built sculpture as well as throwing on the wheel. My sculptures often contain multiple segments that require an installation experience. There is a storytelling quality that accompanies each sculpture and each design on my pots. I am influenced by the diversity of nature found in the Northwest. There are elements of nostalgia found in my art as I explore paper dolls as a theme in porcelain clay. I draw great inspiration from the environment surrounding my home and studio where I can interact with nature on a daily basis. Recently I have been delving into the process of collecting man-made objects and materials from nature. I have been experimenting coating seedpods, flowers, hornet nests, leaves and various plant materials in porcelain slip and firing them as a preservation process. I enjoy using the clay as a canvas for embedding natural objects in the clay combining botany with painted with layers of imagery. My body of work has evolved from in-depth exploration of the world of teapots, figurative work, pottery and the installations. The versatility of clay and it’s endless possibilities continually challenge me as an artist.