Angela R. Stewart, Ladybug Press (letterpress printing)





“I create tactile work with a vintage old style Chandler & Price letterpress weighing in around a half a ton. My press is from the early 1900’s, made of cast iron. It is powered with a leather belt and a vintage motor. Letterpress is an old printing technique; all about pressing the artwork into paper to create a lovely impression. I love the way that a crisp letterpress print shows texture and depth.

All work is created by hand. My letterpress is fed by hand one piece at a time (no auto feeder here!) Each color is another set of plates and another trip thru the press. Letterpress is a very demanding art there is a lot of setup to create the perfect impression. I use metal plates created from my illustrations and designs. I mix all inks (mostly salvaged) by hand much like a painter. I enjoy pushing the boundaries to see what can be created on the letterpress.

I also pair my letterpress prints with water color, adding hand coloring and washes to pieces.

My work inspired by travel, the outdoors and my love of simple things. I enjoy collaborating with other artists!

I create my work in my backyard studio, a small 10×12 building which I designed and finished.”