Lisa Cheney (painting, mixed media, printmaking, book arts & visual journaling)


Fine details and textures intrigue me. Especially the luscious details from tiny, often overlooked, forms. When one truly sees an object for the first time, the beauty that is found is inspiring. I integrate this fascination into all areas of my work, be it printmaking, painting, drawing or my visual journals. My aspiration is to share these snippets of life with others in hopes that they also can enjoy the beauty of the seemingly mundane.

I am a graphic designer by trait and an artist for life. A few years ago I yearned for balance in my creative endeavors, which resulted in me embracing what I love most: creating in multiple mediums. I adore the feel of pencil and ink moving across a page; the smell of oil paint and fresh ink; the velvety texture of cotton paper; the satisfaction of learning a new book binding technique; the sound of the letterpress as it embeds an image onto high-quality paper; and creating engaging designs with the aid of my Mac. About the same time I started a new sketchbook that incidentally turned into my first illustrated journal.

My journals provide a safe space to play, find my voice, practice techniques, and document various aspects of my life. These journals have become some of my most prized possessions.