Betty Maguire Hayzlett (fiber, mostly felting and weaving, and mixed media)

Betty Maguire Hayzlett

For years my art focused on the human world around me, and, on the human struggles within in my own life.  My more recent work is inspired by the environment around me, and may comment on that natural world.  I always include a focus on the relationships among the elements of the piece itself, and sometimes that is everything.  I love to play with contrast because of the interest and excitement that it can bring.  My love of rich color is important, as is my love of sculptural forms and   texture, and the different surfaces that can be created with felt and by adding other materials and techniques.  I am constantly looking at how one element changes, enhances, or “speaks to” another, and at what these disparate elements communicate to the observer.  I look for ways to engage viewers to interact with the organic form, the rich color, and the tactile quality of each piece, to create their own personal dialog with my work.