Bonnie Peacher (acrylic, pastel)

Bonnie Peacher


Designed to “satisfy the senses”, my paintings accentuate the aspect of beauty in any subject matter. 
My work is realistic, expressive, full of intense color, and texture. Travel, nature, and music inspire me, resulting in a variety of subject matter. Recent paintings include life-size portraits and figures in a labor intensive style.

I believe a portrait should be one of life’s most ego-satisfying experiences. I devote my efforts to immortalizing the subject in the perfect illusion – capturing their essence… that may be a simple contemplative figure or they can become whatever is desired a Greek Goddess, a Mona Lisa, maybe a jazz singer? 
My objective is to create an “idealization of beauty”.

  • Peacher_B_1_Real_Soul_1024pxH_72dpi
  • Peacher_B_2_The_Fisherman_494pxH_72dpi
  • Peacher_B_4_ River_Explorers_700pxW_72dpi
  • Peacher_B_3_Beautiful_Imperfection_488pxH_72dpi
  • Peacher_B_7_Studio_504pxW_72dpi