Chris Long (batik, watercolor)

“My favorite tool is a jhanting tool.  My favorite surface is thin china silk. My earliest memories are of drawing. My batik paintings are made by drawing with melted wax (paraffin and bees wax mix) on white silk or cotton.  Outlining the shape with wax, filling it in with color feels like coloring books of childhood.  Working on a project gives me a sense of well-being; I find the waxing process hypnotic and soothing.  I find delight in the layers of colors as they build upon each other and excitement when pulling work out of a dye bath. “

Boise-native artist with over 20 years experience in batik.  Formal training consists of a BFA in Sculpture as well as training in the traditional mediums (painting, ceramics, metal sculpture, photography and filmmaking) at the San Francisco Art Institute.  Lived in Hawaii and traveled to Bali, and Jakarta, Java to research, observe and experiment with Batik Masters and their techniques ranging from primitive to mass production.  Coursework in batik, weaving, and fabric design as well as hands on experience in creating sculptures, paintings and outdoor art.