Deborah Martell (encaustic painting)

I am inspired by cloud formations with sun, sky and water reflections. I have discovered that the melting, shifting encaustic process can mimic the fluidity of cloud formations, the luminescence of the sky and the reflections on water.

My process starts by painting the background colors and clouds with acrylic on a gesso prepared birch panel. I then paint multiple layers of encaustic medium, followed by pigmented wax and resin to create depth of colors and shapes to create the image or landscape. I use opalescent and metallic layers in or under the wax pigment with oil pastel accents. Each piece is somewhat experimental and always unique.

I am a lifetime artist and graphic designer with previous emphasis on acrylic painting. I discovered encaustic painting and have embraced this medium for its layering texture and color depth. I was born in Germany, raised in New Jersey and San Diego and now live in Boise, Idaho.