James Moorcroft (photography)


Photography reflects my love of light and color, which drives me to shoot what captures my eye here in the West, that captivates a sense of landscapes, structures and people. Western light is of particular significance and interest, as it has been since my first trip west – at age nine – using my venerable Brownie camera as a source of both obsession and joy. I still travel the back roads of the Idaho and Wyoming and Montana and Utah to experience and feel these amazing places – to uncover and discover all there is to be seen, felt and enjoyed. As I’ve learned the craft of the camera and lenses, the joy for me is being at the right moment that grabs the essence of light and color and brings it to my digital world, to be absorbed – and perhaps shared. My aim has always been to achieve each capture in the simplest and clearest form possible, with minimal intrusion on what existed at the moment. My photos hopefully reflect the energy of the west, the ever-changing and fascinating west.