Jerry Hendershot (ceramics, mixed media)

Jerry HendershotFor this last year, the vast majority of my work has been a concentration on creating severe textures, reminiscent of sagebrush bark or sedimentary rock, and developing works that look at once naturally occurring objects as well as man-made artifacts.  I am fascinated with the random textures that occur in sculpting as well as the human form as subtly represented in thrown work.

As has been the case for the last several years, I have focused largely, yet not exclusively, on raku finishes, expanding my study into non-traditional raku materials to achieve unique, varying results.

Ultimately, I am interested in the “event” of surface brought about by the texturing process as well as the random effects of oxidation and reduction in the raku firing process.  By collaborating with the firing process, I am hoping to achieve the illusion of something that might occur naturally geologically, yet evokes functionality or a man-made purpose.  Others in this series specifically suggest human-like figures, purposely more gestural and primitive, implying age, antiquity, and very organic.

As second study I have been engaged in is my ongoing exploration of steam-punk inspired tin man teapots.  I have completely left raku firing in favor of the more trompe l’oeil finish of cone 5 oxidation metallic glazes.  These teapots are intended to be more of a hybrid of mechanized invention and animate character.

Outside of this study, I have been focusing on glaze exploration in more traditional functional works, soda firing porcelain bowls and composing on large thrown platters.