Jessica Tookey (acrylic, pastel, oil, ink, watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, photography)

portrait_TookeyI strive to show people the beauty that is all around and within us. I have been creating all of my life, ever since I could hold a tool to make marks with. But, it wasn’t until 2014 that I felt the call to pursue art as a career.
With a degree in Art Education, I found joy in teaching many students the love of art. Now, I have found a new way to serve the greater good through my gift. I draw and paint everything, but I focus most on portraiture. With portraits, I share love by bringing light back into the lives of people who have lost loved ones. It has been said that I “capture people’s joy and light” in my drawings and paintings.
In October of 2014, I began my “What is Beauty” exhibit. I drew young ladies who are not your “typical” beauty. This exhibit has been enveloped into my “Words Matter” exhibit. Words Matter is an exhibition focusing on mental health and suicide prevention. Half of the portraits are living subjects; all will show happy, confident people, but, the other half of the subjects are victims of suicide. Each portrait is accompanied by the subject’s story. My goal with this exhibit is to get people to realize that their words could be the final push, or the saving grace, for someone who is struggling. This exhibit has been on display at a dozen locations and continues to grow and travel today.
Since those first portraits in October, it has been a whirlwind. Beginning in 2015, I have been artist of the month in numerous locations, participated in too many first Thursdays to remember and exhibited in over 40 different locations or events. I became a member of the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance, BOSCO, and SWELL Artist Collective. I sell prints of my work at and as well as on my website and through facebook. My work is on permanent display at the Boise Tech Mall and Idaho First Bank downtown Boise. I have also created a profile on where people can sponsor my creative endeavors. I am currently building my YouTube Channel, there are several videos there but I have not even gotten half of them loaded after over 260 days in a row on FB live. Many of the videos show my recent discovery of drawing with both hands at the same time. I am very excited to share my gift with so many people, I am finally doing what makes me happy and I hope that I can inspire you to get back on –or stay on –YOUR path!

Artist Statement
Through portraits and landscapes, I bring light, joy and peace back to people’s lives. What I do inspires people to live life to the fullest. Through my art adventures, I encourage others to look within and follow their passion. Watching me and my art grow, they have found the courage to grow.
In 2016, I discovered that I can work with my left hand, and then, that I can work with both hands at the same time. I am developing this skill further so that all new artworks will be created using both hands. After almost a year of practice, it is no longer easy to discern where my left hand has worked; although, it is still not as confident or steady as my right – so my right has loosened up. You may be able to find a line that isn’t so steady, or a mark that is too dark, that would be the work of my left hand. This process has opened up a new realm that I have kept smothered for too many years. Through the use of vibrant colors, my paintings are simply a journey through the beauty – and sometimes the ugliness – of this earth.


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