John Bertram (photography & collage)





My 40-year city planning career gave me the opportunity to design cities, parks, streetscapes, and public art. My passion became restoring historic buildings and their facades to their original beauty. I am now turning my creativity into capturing the essence of cities – their plight, problems, images, and dreams into art. Art now enables me to express myself without meetings, budgets, and bureaucracy.

My current direction is mixed media collage and photography. I am enlarging slides that helped shape Boise and exploring the use of post cards and maps to stimulate thought. A new series “The American Dream” is expressing being homeless, the balance of justice and the plight of Native Americans. In it, I am creating images, text, and quotes that express thought.

I continue to be inspired by the works of art in numerous art museums and galleries as I travel and attend local openings. I have a passion to express my thoughts and feelings through creative images.