Karen Klinefelter (sterling silver, 18k gold, vegetable ivory)

Klinefelter_K_Artist_Portrait_300pxW_72dpiContemporary Jewelry Designs, hand carved forged and fabricated using sterling silver, 18k gold and Tagua Nut (vegetable ivory).

Karen Klinefelter is a Vermont born artist now living and working in Boise, ID. She began working in metals as an apprentice nearly twenty years ago and after a rewarding long-term position as assistant to award winning jewelry designer, Timothy Grannis, established her own studio in 1999. Her jewelry is inspired primarily by patterns and textures in nature and in man-made objects. Third world travel has been a favorite opportunity to gather inspiring visuals. Studio time is intentionally playful. It often consists of creating collages of several elements, then breaking the complex designs down into their simplest, strongest components revealing the final design.

Instagram    @klinefelterstudio