Ken McCall (sculpture)

Most of my childhood was spent exploring various art mediums alongside my grandmother in her art studio, where my passion for sculpture emerged. I studied sculpture and metalwork before embarking on a 20 year career in precision fabrication for the aerospace industry.  In recent years, I have returned to my first love, designing and building beautiful metal sculptures.  My business, McCall Studios, specializes in custom, high quality artwork. In addition to designing and building my own original works, I’ve collaborated with local artists on countless public art installations internationally.
My contemporary metal sculptures are often inspired by nature’s clean flowing lines and natural forms. Working in primarily metal allows the flexibility to produce both delicate and monumental objects of art that can live in almost any space. The meticulous construction methods that my studio employs often give a seamless quality to the art to emphasize the elegant lines of the design. The resulting art is a combination of artistic vision, solid craftsmanship, and careful integration of the piece in the natural setting.