Kris Mannion (ceramic porcelain and stoneware)


I have been exploring ceramics for close to twenty years, first as a hobby taking classes from local ceramic artists; then culminating in my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Boise State University in 2013.  In my journey through ceramic processes, I discovered the art of ceramic slip casting and found myself absorbed in the labor intense, precise, and often unforgiving elements of making plaster molds from my own designs.  Using molds to make multiples from clay slip allows me to repeat a form, and then play with pattern and color, using form as a background.  My intent is to make functional art that marries the feel and aesthetics of studio-made art with forms that can be reproduced from molds. My slip cast forms come from my own hand, are glazed and fired in limited numbers, and emerge from my kiln nuanced with subtle variations so that no two pieces are identical.  I compliment cast pieces with hand built and wheel thrown elements. Strongly influenced by the clean lines of Scandinavian design and the German Bauhaus, my wares are linear, minimalist, and a bit retro, appealing to contemporary taste.