Rachel Teannalach (painting, oils)



Rachel Teannalach is a contemporary landscape painter based in Boise, Idaho. Teannalach’s distinctive “alla prima” style is characterized by dynamic brushstrokes and elegant compositions.
Originally from northern New Mexico, she has also painted extensively in northern California. Her traveling pack has taken her from Marin County to Iceland and many places between.

Teannalach’s work is guided by the belief that the observation of nature revives our recognition of beauty and restores our sense of belonging in the natural world. For her, painting provides a way to step out of the frenzy that life so easily becomes, to leave, in W.B. Yeats’ words, “a little space for the rose-breath to fill.”

Teannalach’s focus over the last several years has been collaborations with conservation organizations, supporting their efforts to preserve the lands she loves to paint. She is known especially for her “tinyExpanse” daily paintings, which can be purchased on Etsy, along with small works and prints.

Gallery Representation:
California – Simon Breitbard Fine Arts (Mill Valley/San Francisco)

Instagram: tinyExpanse
Etsy: tinyExpanse
Facebook: Rachel Teannalach Art