About the Tour

Step through the door into an artist’s private studio and you will see that artist’s mind at work.  It’s an incredible once-a-year opportunity for avid collectors and anyone who is curious about the art-making process.

A glance around a studio is enormously informative. You will see what tools the artist reaches for. You may see swatches that have been chosen for a fiber arts project; the latest experimental combination of color and texture; even older work tucked away in a dusty corner.  Go ahead, ask:

“why is that clipping taped to the wall?”
“why do you use terra cotta instead of white clay?”
“how do you decide to use a piece of lace in a mixed media work instead of crinkled paper?”
“why does that image of a red thread emerge in so many paintings?”…

BOSCO artists are happy to share stories about their work and the unexpected directions their artistic journey has taken them in.  Things you might never learn about during a gallery visit or by reading an artist’s biography.

Most BOSCO artists work in studios located in or close to their homes.   Be it in the heart of downtown or around the bend and up the hill, each studio is a bright spot of inspiration and productivity. A thoroughly intriguing place to visit.  We look forward to welcoming you to our favorite places, our studios.

The BOSCO Passport program ~ In 2016, 41 professional artists are opening the doors to their private studios. During studio tour, visit a minimum of eight studios for a chance to win a piece of art from a BOSCO artist.






BOSCO-TourGuide2016-3To Print or Download the 2016 Open Studios Tour Guide CLICK HERE!






The tour would not possible without the partnership of The Boise Weekly, Boise Art Museum and Art Source Gallery

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BOSCO is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the visual arts. Established to promote and foster greater understanding of the creative process between artists and the general public, our goals include:

  • Hosting open studio events for the public featuring a weekend-long opportunity to visit member artists’ studios.
  • Providing a community for professional artists to share knowledge and ideas that enhance creative endeavors.
  • Serving as a bridge between artists, collectors, and the public.

2016 Board

  • Samuel Paden, President
  • Bonnie Peacher, Vice-President
  • Kris Mannion, Secretary
  • Anita Quick, Treasurer
  • Lisa Cheney, Marketing Committee Chair
  • Theresa Burkes, Events Committee Chair
  • Karen Klinefelter, Membership Chair


Talk to us! Write to Boise Open Studios at:

BOSCO mailing address:

1775 W. State St. #142, Boise ID  83702