Wendy Wooding (kiln-formed glass)










I love working with glass because I enjoy the play of colors and the way light interacts with the medium.  The way glass transforms in the kiln fascinates me.  I use glass in a variety of forms, with glass powder being one of my favorites.  By designing my own glass elements, I am free to cut and assemble these designs into different compositions.  Once the design is assembled cold, it is fused in a digital glass kiln.  Quite often a piece is fired many times to get the look I am after.  My work is nature inspired,  when not in my studio or showing my work, I can be found seeking inspiration while hiking, biking, or skiing in the beautiful foothills near my home.  My glass work can be seen at the Art Source Gallery downtown and at the airport annex.  I also show at the Capital City Public Market on occasion and arts and crafts fairs in the Northwest.